Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Whether the weather....

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll whether the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

This has been the longest coldest winter for 30 years and I have been working outside.
-So what do you want, a medal?
Well actually, yes. A medal would be lovely, or some kind of engraved cup to put on the mantlepiece to remind me what an achievement it has been. Four long months of standing next to my truck in freezing temperatures operating the remote control, and then the slow, agonising process of uncurling my fingers so that they work again. Four months of my back seizing up. Four months of dry, brittle skin.

It was lovely today, I was even in short sleeves. Thank God for that.


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