My Driving Biography

My career in the driving industry began in 2003 when I started training as a driving instructor on cars while I was still living in Bristol. I qualified as an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) in 2004 and worked part time while also doing postgraduate study. In 2006 I gave up both the instructing and the postgraduate study and just started driving for a living, first on vans and then in November of that year I passed my Category C licence, which entitled me to drive large rigid vehicles, so my trucking career started.

In March 2007 I relocated back to Dorset where I grew up and have lived there ever since. I worked for 3 years for Travis Perkins, delivering building supplies by crane and left in April 2010. I had passed my Category C+E (articulated lorries) test in February 2010 so since leaving my job I have been doing a combination of agency driving in articulated lorries and teaching for a local truck driver training company.