Friday, 17 September 2010

Driver Stereotypes - call for comments

I am starting a blog project looking at driver stereotypes, how accurate they are, why those people drive like that, that kind of thing. I am looking for suggestions on which groups to look at. White van man is probably the most obvious, maybe school run Mums, taxi drivers, truckers (don't be scared, I can take it!).

Basically who can be relied on on the road to piss you off? Equally who do you trust to, on the whole, drive safely and courteously or in a manner that you like?

Let me know.



  1. Taxi drivers! tail-gaiting, corner-cutting, dangerously late pulling out maniacs!....In some instances. on a serious note though I have observed a number of taxi drivers to have a very arrogant attitude to their driving, assuming that all other road users will acquiesce. This may well be down to their sheer number of hours on the road and actually they are very skilled drivers - but it drives me nuts. Although, I probably shouldn't comment being a non-driver

  2. You may not be a driver but you can spot quite a bit from the passenger seat. Thanks for the comment.

  3. taxi drivers - rude, pull out without looking (fiddling with meter etc) and stop anywhere with no regard for safety (well you did say stereotypes...).
    Truckers - I am so afraid of pissing them off. They come across as v professional and competent and I don't like the idea that they'll think I'm stupid if I make a mistake - for instance I once pulled out in front of a lorry on a hill and because I was in the wrong gear didn't get off quickly enough. Still haunts me now! I never pull out on a hill unless I am absoltely sure I'll be able to race away. I also find them to be efficient and polite and they look ahead on motorways which is great.