Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Full Moon

Route - Yard Portsmouth NDC Bournemouth x2
Km - 587
Hours - 18.10-06.13
Listening - Radio 2, Mark Radcliffe, Jo Wiley, Stuart Maconie's Peoples' Songs on Brimfull of Asha by Cornershop. Billy Idol while Frank Renton on. Janice Long, Beethoven's Violin Concerto (Gidon Kremer soloist).
Reading at break - Guardian Review from couple of weeks ago.
Sunset - 18.29
Sunrise - 05.50ish.

Tonight I saw the full moon for the whole night. It rose orange behind me in my right hand mirror as I left Portsmouth and was still visible in the bright blue sky of daytime when I finished. For much of the night the gentle cloud covering it made it seem as if I was looking at it through tracing paper.

It was beautiful.

It is in the presence of such wonders of the natural world that my thoughts turn to God. Or maybe such wonders of the natural world are God.

So what do I mean by God? God to me is an it, it is a conglomeration of different conceptions, any number of which might fit at any time. Godness, the Holy Spirit, Mother Nature, God the paternalistic Christian God, source, Godness as made manifest in nature or in art. They are all there in that great big ball of loveliness I call God.

God is a feeling, of humility, of joy at the beauty of life and gratitude at my being able to experience it and express it, of love. Not necessarily even love for something or someone. It is just love.

You wouldn't have maybe thought that there would be much link between trucking and God but to me it's quite the opposite. I drive through the night, I see the birds in the day and the stars at night and I get to see the sun rise throughout the year.

That's God that is.

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